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Alpha Werewolf Series


N.N. Light Book Award



Carolyn Readers Choice Award


The Alpha Werewolf Series

Erotic Romance Author Anna Lores
One Night of Love

Alpha Werewolf series, Book 1

Print ISBN: 978-1-949396-01-0

eISBN 978-1-949396-00-3

She’s hoping for a miracle. He’s looking

for a soul mate. Will one moonlit

night of passion grant their hearts’

deepest desires?

Lainie would do anything for a few more days with her dying husband. With his will to live fading fast, she knows only a miracle baby could pull him back from the edge of the grave. Desperate to conceive, she shares a night of passion with a rugged stranger whose skills under the sheets border on the supernatural… in more ways than she could ever imagine.


As the alpha of his pack, Luke Wolfson could have his pick of the litter. Drawn to a mysterious woman’s irresistible scent, he knows he’s finally found his perfect mate… even if she's only a human. But when she slips out of his bed before morning, he knows there’s much more at stake than his broken heart if he can’t win her back.


Before the due date arrives, can Lainie and Luke hold fast to each other and embrace the transformational changes that threaten to tear both their worlds apart?


One Night of Love is the first book in a pulse-pounding paranormal romance series. If you like sexy shifters, sizzling chemistry, and fresh perspectives on werewolf lore, then you’ll love Anna Lores’ howl-worthy romance.

Buy One Night of Love to turn up the heat with a case of full moon fever tonight!


The Hunter Coven Series

Cursed to Love

The Hunter Coven Series, Book 1

Print ISBN​:  978-1-949396-03-4

eISBN 978-1-949396-02-7


She's caught between two worlds. Her blood could be her demise. To save her life, will she choose to love the coven or the pack?



Meredith Kilpatrick doesn't have much time left. With a deadly curse running through her veins, she wants nothing more than to die in the arms of Vampire King Jeremy Hunter. But when her love refuses her choice to remain human and leaves her at the altar, she vows to spend her remaining time away from the world of supernatural beasts. Little does she know that her niece's upcoming nuptials will send her straight into a werewolf's embrace…


Dietrich Wolfgang sees Meredith as a true mate, and the alpha is willing to ignore her curse to make her his. But when the blight on her blood puts his entire pack at risk, there's only one person who can help. Dietrich must enlist the vampire king to set things right…


With the people she loves in danger, can Meredith survive her affliction and remain human, or be forced to choose between a vampire and a werewolf?


Cursed to Love is a standalone paranormal romance novel and a spinoff from the sensual novel, One Night of Love . If you like powerful paranormal chemistry, sexy vampires and werewolves, and scenes of passion, then you'll love Anna Lores's risqué read.


Buy Cursed to Love and sink your teeth into a sexy saga today!

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Hunter Coven Series
Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons

Angel of Love

Angels of Light, Book 1

Digital ISBN 

Coming soon from Blooming Cactus Publishing, LLC

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