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One Night of Love

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A chance meeting...

Unexpected Love: Chase Allen

ebook ISBN 978-1-949396-25-6

Print ISBN 978-1-949396-26-3

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A chance meeting brought them together. But unraveling their past could send them spiraling apart…


Chase Allen didn’t expect to fall in love, not on this road trip. This journey was about fixing his newly-minted stepfather’s disastrous construction project, and putting the past away - where it belonged. But seeing if his mother had truly changed…well, that was where moving on became a problem.


With his emotional support dog by his side, he neared the small town where his mother lived, returning to the woman who should have provided a safe haven for him as a child, but instead only inflicted pain. He desperately searched for something, anything to prevent him from reaching his dreaded destination.


He visited a local bar, hoping for some information to help his project. But the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen stopped him in his tracks. Suddenly his trip took on a new purpose—to make her fall in love with him…


Her heart skipped a beat when he opened the door. The billionaire farmer from Georgia, Chase Allen, sauntered into the bar like he owned it. But when he sat down to chat, the psychologist in her sensed his pain, while the woman in her desired to please him. Maybe she’d help him face his fears, and in turn, he’d help her heal the wounds from her own sordid past.


Will two imperfect people find the strength to overcome the trauma of the past to build their own happily ever after?


If you like small town stories with a lot of heart, a bit of suspense, and seasoned with the right amount of spice, read Unexpected Love: Chase Allen today.


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